BARR/SYNC for Host Integration Server  provides high-speed, full-duplex communications for Microsoft Host Integration Server. The package includes the Barr SYNC PCI adapter, software drivers to work with the Host Integration Server, diagnostics, and online help.



Few downstream devices offer the ability to simultaneously send data to and receive data from a single device on an SDLC link. Although this capability is supported by virtually all front-end processors, most SNA gateways and controllers allow duplex operation only on distinct sending and receiving devices. Independent testinghas shown that the Barr adapter used by BARR/SYNC can actually double bi-directional traffic at a given SDLC link speed. This is achieved by supporting the DATMODE=FULL parameter. Even when most of the SNA traffic goes in one direction, performance can be significantly improved because acknowledgments can be transmitted as the software receives data.


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  • Allows flexible mainframe connections at speeds up to T1/E1

  • Doubles SDLC throughput by supporting true full-duplex operation using DATMODE=FULL

  • Supports SDLC and X.25/QLLC mainframe connections

  • Supports up to four adapters on the PC for simultaneous use (the actual number of adapters you can use depends on system resources)

  • Supports multi-PU SDLC or X.25 configurations; as many as 254 physical units can be active on each adapter

  • Includes diagnostic tools that thoroughly check the adapter, verifying that the adapter is installed correctly and functioning properly

  • Includes a cable for RS232, V.35, X.21 or RS530 interface.

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