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BARR/PRINT CHANNEL is a software and hardware combination that allows you to physically connect your Windows-based computer to your mainframe channel. It emulates multiple mainframe-attached 3211 printers and is a relatively simple method of printing from the mainframe to your local network printers.



BARR/PRINT CHANNEL offers two options:

BARR/PRINT CHANNEL with ESCON The computer connects to the mainframe through the Barr channel adapter. A thin, flexible, fiber-optic cable connects the adapter to the mainframe. You can also connect the cable to an ESCON director, which is connected to the mainframe. With an ESCON® director, you can attach multiple adapters to the mainframe.

BARR/PRINT CHANNEL with Bus & TagThe computer connects to the mainframe through the Barr channel adapter. Bus & Tag cables connect the adapter to the mainframe and to any other downstream channel-attached devices.

Using BARR/PRINT CHANNEL you can direct mainframe print jobs to the spool, and then from the spool you can direct the jobs to existing network print queues on a LAN. If you add the BARR/PRINT390 module, you can also share mainframe channel printers with the rest of your network.

Depending on the other Barr product options you install, BARR/PRINT CHANNEL also allows VAX®, UNIX®, and AS/400® hosts to share the mainframe channel printers (with the BARR/PRINT390 module) and network printers.

Because BARR/PRINT CHANNEL emulates a 3211-type channel printer, you must ask your host programmer to configure the mainframe to recognize and communicate with the BARR/PRINT CHANNEL device.


Features & Benefits

  • Receives multiple jobs simultaneously on different channel addresses with independent banner page recognition for each channel address

  • Supports FCBs and UCSBs

  • Supports end-of-file detection options by using banner pages, FCBs, or timeouts

  • Extracts banner page text to define BARR/SPOOL properties such as FORMNAME and JOBNAME

  • Offers ESCON or Bus & Tag connectivity

  • Supports up to four physical Barr channel adapters

  • Supports multiple 3211 printer connections per adapter (the total number of 3211 printer connections depends on system resources)

  • Allows remote printing without using SNA

  • Sends mainframe output to any printer defined on your Windows network without changes to your JCL code

  • Enables flexible and more efficient use of your printing resources

  • Works as an intelligent channel switch for channel-attached printers with BARR/PRINT390


There is also an IPDS version of this product:

BARR/PRINT CHANNEL for IPDS provides an easy way to switch from channel-attached IPDS (Intelligent Printer Data Stream) printers to network-attached IPDS printers without changing your host configuration.

This program enables your mainframe to communicate with your IP-attached printers. By simulating a channel-attached printer, BARR/PRINT CHANNEL for IPDS acts as an intermediary step. Your mainframe connects to BARR/PRINT CHANNEL for IPDS with a Bus & Tag or ESCON® cable. BARR/PRINT CHANNEL for IPDS then communicates with your IP-attached printers using TCP/IP.


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