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Barr Enterprise Print Server (BEPS) is a Windows-based input/output manager designed to receive data from multiple sources and distribute data to multiple destinations. Our print and output manager can help you automate and control your print and document output across your organization. You can customize the print and output manager to connect to IBM mainframes, AS/400s, TCP/IP hosts, and network applications. In addition, you can select various output modules to connect to high-speed production printers, report distribution systems, and electronic storage systems.



BEPS is a print and output manager that provides:

Document Distribution– route documents across the building or around the world. Remote and local print, fax, save to file, save as a PDF, and e-mail all your complex documents and forms.

Host & Mainframe Printing– integrate your mainframe applications into your corporate network and distribute documents from applications from SAP, Oracle, Computer Associates, etc.  

Print Spooling and Management– simplifies print and document distribution by centrally managing your output from one location.  

Production Print Management – helps to ensure that all printers are being used to their maximum potential by recording accounting data for completed print transactions.  

Print Stream Transformation - converts documents, document batches, and spooled print output to practically any format.  

Data Repurposing – separate, classify, index, and convert documents to make it easy to present, print, archive, and use your business information.


BARR Enterprise Print Server

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