Channel Extension Replacement from Barr Systems

Gainesville, Fla.- The Barr Enterprise Print Server (BEPS) offers two ways to replace channel extenders that support high-speed production printers in remote locations. In many cases, a solution from Barr Systems can replace channel extenders and even local host systems for a fraction of the cost, making it easy to consolidate regional data and print centers.

Channel Extender Replacement for 3211 Printers

Barr's first solution replaces channel extenders by using the combination of two BEPS?one attaches to the host via the BARR/PRINT CHANNEL module, and one attaches to your channel printers at the remote location via the BARR/PRINT390 module.

This easy-to-configure solution involves channel-attaching a Barr Server to the host using either Bus & Tag or ESCON and configuring it as a 3211 printer. That Barr Server routes the print jobs from the host location via TCP/IP connections to the remote Barr Server. The first Barr Server encrypts and compresses the print files to provide a high level of security.

The remote Barr Server receives the print files and attaches to the channel printers, providing remote printing of host print jobs and eliminating the expense of channel extenders and cluster controllers.

Channel Extender Replacement for IPDS Printers

Barr's second solution replaces channel extenders and supports IPDS printers. Here, Barr uses a combination of BARR/PRINT CHANNEL for IPDS and BARR/PRINT390 for IPDS.

In this scenario, BARR/PRINT CHANNEL for IPDS directly connects to the mainframe via Bus & Tag or ESCON and appears as a channel-attached IPDS printer. BARR/PRINT390 for IPDS is installed at the remote site and connects channel-attached IPDS printers directly to a PC. Using this combination of Barr products, the host?s PSF will convert the AFP data stream to IPDS and communicate with channel attached IPDS printers over IP networks. This setup enables the mainframe to communicate with printers without changing the host configuration.


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